Riding Lessons

*We are running a waitlist for regular lessons. We are sorry for any inconvenience! If you are interested in being added to our waitlist and pursuing a lesson slot please send any inquiries through email to: [email protected]

Lessons for all levels of riding in both Huntseat and Western pleasure for individuals of all ages!

Long pants: No shorts or capris, jeans are preferable
Riding Shoes: Boots with a smooth sole small heel, paddock boots are best
ASTM Certified Helmets: Provided by the farm if you do not wish to purchase one

Initial lessons are payable via cash or check. After the initial lesson, we enroll all students in our auto-pay program where packages are automatically charged on the 1st of every month. The monthly package includes 4 lessons. Lessons do not carry over into the next month if you do not use all 4 lessons. Rescheduling will be at the discretion of the instructor's schedule. If you do not cancel within 24 hours you forfeit your lesson. 

One Hour Lesson:
Private Lesson: $80 
*Monthly Package of 4 Sessions: $300
Semi-Private Lesson: $65
*Monthly Package of 4 Sessions: $240

Half Hour Lesson:
Private Lesson: $55
*Monthly Package of 4 Sessions: $200
Semi-Private Lesson: $45
*Monthly Package of 4 Sessions: $160

Tiny Tots Twenty Minute Lesson (under 8 years old):
Private Lesson $35 
*Monthly Package of 4 Sessions: $120

Each lesson program emphasizes the abilities of both horse and rider not only individually, but together as a partnership. So the horse and rider reach a mutual understanding of each other as the relationship develops. We put emphasis on our riders developing a balanced seat and the ability to communicate with their horses effectively. We strive to make every lesson challenging, fun, but most of all rewarding. Truck-ins are always welcome. Boarders and training clients receive discounted lesson rates.

Call Danielle for more information 860-304-6355!

Lesson Waiver

Click the picture to view the PDF!

Feel free to email us your waiver or bring it with you for your fist lesson. Hard copies are also available to fill out when you arrive.

The Joya Fund Flyer 

Almost everyone in their life at some point is enamored with horses. Some of us our fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ride them and maybe even own them but we know there are others that aren’t as fortunate. The Joya Fund was established to help those that aren’t as lucky. Whether it is riding a horse for the first time, helping out a student who has hit financial hardship, or helping give our students who work so hard the opportunity to try their first horse show, The Joya Fund is here to give a “leg up” to those we feel are deserving.

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Barn Chore Sessions

All are welcome to attend our barn chore sessions! Students will learn what we do to care for the horses on a daily basis. Students will learn how we feed and the and the importance of having clean turnouts and stalls. If there is extra time we will go over additional duties such as tack maintenance, treating wounds, proper bathing, etc. $25 per session Feel free to bring drinks and snacks!

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Horsemanship Sessions

All students are welcome to participate in our horsemanship series geared toward total equine know-how of activities like lunging, bathing, clipping, braiding, hoof care, veterinary care, feeding regimen, ground work, tack maintenance and so much more!

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