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Showing Close attention is given to making your horse showing experience exciting and fun filled for  horse, rider and family! Our theory is treat each class individually, and make every effort for the next class even better.  Twin Brooks’ riders are consistently receiving  top honors and emphasis on the actual performance rather than the ribbon.  In the show ring there are many instances  were you may find yourself having an outstanding ride, and yet the ribbon you received did not reflect it.  The ribbons always find there way to those who continue to achieve their greatness.  At Twin Brook our emphasis is just that, each class is all its’ own, focusing on each individual performance. It is about the ride after all, not the blue!   We compete locally in Connecticut at open/all breed shows as well as Regionally and Nationally on the Arabian show circuit. Interested in learning more about showing or how to become part of our team?  Give us a call!  860-304-6355